About Us

Our Objectives

The principal objects of Vigyan Setu Foundation are to promote science education, communication skills, and personality development, along with sensitizing and creating awareness about conservation of environment and preservation of scientific heritage sites, besides making society aware of animal and human health inter-dependence, hygiene, sanitation, and nutrition related issues. The fulfillment of the said objects is aimed at the economically weaker, needy, and deserving members of the public.

In order to achieve these objectives, Vigyan Setu Foundation organizes programs and events to sensitize the “Generation Next”, create awareness among the general public, and provide capacity building to the professionals about Science specifically, on the issues that affect Society at large, through informative and interactive sessions including talks, lectures, seminars, meetings, exhibitions, workshops, and in and off-field demonstrations.

In addition, Vigyan Setu Foundation aims at sensitization and creating awareness among children in particular and common masses, in general, about conservation of Environment, and preservation of our Scientific Heritage monuments. Also, Vigyan Setu Foundation strives at sensitizing young minds, creating awareness among society regarding animal and human health related issues.

Ultimately, Vigyan Setu Foundation aims at Bridging Science and Society, realizing the facts that ‘Science is a way of life’ and Society needs logical and rational thinkers so as to make Planet Earth a place worth inhabiting.

Key Function Areas

Through hands-on experiments, lectures, demonstrations and popular science books exhibition

Through social media, exhibition and interaction with experts, and distribution of printed flyers

Through talks, lectures and presentations, and development of resource material

Through talks, lectures, and publication of write-ups or popular articles