Working for an employer or yourself… have you considered these facets?

No matter what profession you are currently in, if you are employed within a company or you own one, then here are some aspects that might intrigue you!

To build an insight into the general functioning of businesses, Vigyan Setu Fundation has been connecting the dots by delving into some topics of special relevance.

Starting for the very fundamentals:

  • Introduction to Business Management
  • Entrepreneurship: From Business Idea to Action

This was followed by the most prominent theme around working in these unprecedented times of COVID-19.

  • Current Digital Workplace Trends
  • Collaborative Working in a Remote Team
  • Strategic Planning for Professional Service Firms in Times of COVID-19

In addition, there were some other striking topics that have caught our keen attention. An awareness of these could definitely help businesses go a long way!

  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills at Work
  • Contract Law for Non-Lawyers
  • Safeguarding Adults: Level 3 Training
  • Sustainable Business through Green HR

We would now love to hear from you!

From the several topics we dealt with above, which has been the most relevant to yourself? Which of these has raised your level of curiosity and that you may be keen in learning more about? Let us know in the comments below and if there are sufficient requests then we may consider covering it in our Youtube Channel presentation series!


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