World Immunisation Week

Every year during last week of April, World Immunisation Week is celebrated to raise awareness among general public regarding the immunisation and its role in saving lives, and to promote vaccination against fatal yet vaccine-preventable diseases.  

Theme of this public health campaign for the year 2021 is ‘Vaccines bring us closer’. Through this theme, World Immunisation Week 2021 urges greater engagement around immunisation globally to promote the importance of vaccination in bringing people together, and improving the health and well-being of everyone, everywhere throughout life

In this series of four presentations we would be sharing information on some basic terminologies, immunity, vaccines, and finally on vaccination for COVID-19.

We shall be adding in the relevant text and video content every alternate day to process the information we share and thus, help spread the message and make your loved ones aware and alert.

There is an interesting Quiz Round that shall be accessible and run throughout this week for you to apply what you learn or already know!

Part 1: Basic Terminologies

Part 2: Immunity

Part 3: Vaccines

Part 4: Vaccination for COVID-19


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